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    Reading club is a place where everyone is more than welcome to present their views without the fear of being judged. It’s the first club that was introduced in Tomax and it has turned a lot of procrastinators into passionate book readers. Tomax is proud to have so many participants in our Reading Club Program. 


    Mr. Ouyang, our production director, had shared his gained knowledge “Before we do anything, we must first think about what kind of effect we want to achieve and what goals we have. And to achieve it, what’s the first thing we need to do and what’s the next. Only arrange the time reasonable can the work be effective.” By promoting the book “the Effective Executive”, it was created to develop the leadership skills of our team members, and help elevate them to the next stage of their career.


    Now we’re conducting our second term by reading the book “Strengthsfinder2.0”, please be looking forward to our team sharing after a month!